Take fewer detours and improve health


Take fewer detours and improve health
------Huadeli May Day Health and Progress Tour
In late spring, May is drunk, the spring breeze slowly warms people's hearts, the spring rain lingers and evokes pity, the flowers are like brocade, the green shade is like the sea, the blue sky and white clouds are beautiful like dreams.
On the afternoon of May 13th, at 17:00, Huadeli Shoes Co., Ltd. in Sanxi Industrial Park, Wenzhou, sang and laughed in front of the door, and red flags were displayed. The annual "May Day Health Promotion" event is organized by the company's Party, Workers, Youth League, and Women's Federation. More than 80 management personnel, party members, youth league members, women's federations, and outstanding employees set off in a grand manner in more than ten vehicles. After more than an hour's drive, we arrived at our destination - the picturesque Wenzhou Yushan Leisure Scenic Area.
During the day and night activities, everyone indulged in drinking, singing loudly, climbing the island, swinging on swings, digging bamboo shoots, playing games, and enjoying themselves. They showcased the unity, friendship, healthy and upward spirit and moral qualities of Huadeli employees everywhere. At the event, the chairman of the company, Qiu Haijun, sang the song "The Moon of the Fifteen", which made all the employees present drunk and tearful. A veteran party member who has been working in the company for many years and has been taking care of elderly parents and children with a loved one at home excitedly said, "Qiu Dong's singing has sounded my heart, and I have no regrets working at Huadeli.". Vice President Qiu Haiping's "Singing a Mountain Song for the Party" is full of strong feelings for the Party and patriotism.
"Less detours, healthier progress" is the starting point and landing point of Huadeli's party, industry, youth league, and women's federation organization work. It is the cultural essence of fulfilling the corporate mission and achieving win-win results through the "Belt and Road" initiative. This event was well organized and achieved significant results. Thank you to everyone who needs to continue working due to work needs. Let the Huadeli culture continue to flourish.

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