Henan Science and Technology Company Promotes Campus Shoes Without Industrial and Commercial Registration, Apologizing the Enterprises Involved


On January 26th, Upstream News reported on a trial promotion activity of a campus shoe technology company in Wenfeng District, Anyang City, Henan Province, with the title "Technology company promoting 159 yuan campus shoes without industrial and commercial registration? Response from the involved company". The company that signed the promotional page did not have industrial and commercial registration, which attracted widespread attention from local citizens.
On January 28th, the relevant person in charge of the Anyang area of the company involved responded to Upstream News reporters, "Thank you for the supervision and reporting of Upstream News. The company name is XX (Anyang) Technology Development Co., Ltd., and it is planned to be changed to XX (Henan) Technology Development Co., Ltd. Due to unauthorized use of unregistered company names by staff on product promotion promotional pages without the approval of company leaders, it has caused confusion and misunderstanding to netizens and consumers. We deeply apologize for this. In the future, we will strengthen employee business training and internal management, improve employee quality, and ensure that all activities and information releases are strictly approved and verified."

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